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Wearable technologies and real-time health monitoring

May 4, 2022 @ 9:30 pm - May 5, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

Wearable technologies and real-time health monitoring - healthcareservices.vision

On behalf of the Royal Society of Analytical Division and Cancer Research UK, we invite you to join us in London in May 2022 for a workshop and networking event on wearable technologies and real-time health monitoring for the early detection of cancer.

This workshop continues efforts to meet our goal of bringing together researchers from across our communities to build interdisciplinary collaborations, which are crucial in meeting the challenge of detecting cancers earlier. One area of interest highlighted in the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer Roadmap is the use of wearable and other technology for real-time monitoring and risk management. There is an opportunity to reduce individual risk levels and detect warning signs for cancer earlier by mobilizing citizens to take a proactive approach to monitor their health via wearable, implantable, and/or smartphone technologies. This challenge will require a clear understanding of cancer, its risk factors, and biological properties, as well as how to measure them. It will also require efforts in clearly reporting that information through digital literacy, health management, patient behavior, and data integration.

Measuring cancer earlierĀ will bring together analytical scientists, material scientists, cancer biologists, data scientists, clinicians and behavioral scientists to explore the challenges and opportunities of wearables for the early detection of cancer and establish new interdisciplinary collaborations for early detection funding opportunities.

The program will feature keynote speakers from the different scientific communities giving their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for wearable technologies. The remainder of the program will focus on workshops and structured networking sessions to enable the communities to connect with each other.

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