28th International Conference on Dermatology & Skin Care

28th International Conference on Dermatology & Skin Care healthcareservices.vision

April 03-04, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

“Skin Rejuvenation for the Caffeinated Generation” is the conference’s theme.

This prestigious 28th International Conference on Dermatology & Skin Care is all about talking about and exchanging information on topics like – Dermatological disease, Acne, Blisters, Common wart, Onychomycosis, Psoriasis, Dry skin, Rosacea, Skin cancer, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dermatology, Bacterial Skin Infections, Fungal Skin Infections, Dermatopathology, Eczema and Dermatitis, Skin Grafting, etc.

Why attend?

You can broaden your understanding of dermatology and skin care thanks to this conference. All parties will benefit from the knowledge that has been provided for life. This can be a chance for you to build your brand. Academics and academics have a fantastic opportunity to interact with Derma specialists from other nations. Exclusive sessions and panel discussions on the most recent advancements in dermatology will be offered to attendees, as well as poster presentations by young researchers and lectures from renowned universities. This will be the best opportunity to connect with the broadest group of participants from the dermatology community.

Targeted Audience

28th International Conference on Dermatology & Skin Care invites Professors, scientists, dermatology researchers, scholars, academicians, biomedical experts, beauty and spa experts, plastic surgery specialists, dermatology funding bodies, business professionals, sales and marketing professionals, industry experts, doctors, training institutes and organizations are invited to participate in this conference and increase its value.