Agile Success Patterns for Medical Device Development

Agile systems offer many benefits for product development in the traditional healthcare technology sector. What are the best practices that define agile success? Is this experience important to share with the healthcare industry?

The webinar shows lessons and experiences from agile MedTech product development. It shows a possible viable solution to overcome the inconsistency between the agile approach and policy prevention. Participants will receive certification alignment and guidance to make their agile product development successful.

The webinar’s agenda:

• What are the benefits of these companies to the healthcare industry as they move towards rapid development?

• What are the key agile success plans of the managed domain in the MedTech domain?

• How can the agile team overcome organizational challenges and manage product success?

Our webinar is intended for:

Project Managers and Team Leaders, Product Classification and Testing Engineers, Test Executives and QA Teams, Embedded Software Developers, Business Analysts, Compliance Auditors.


Dr. Andreas Birk is the founder and chief consultant of Software.Process.Management. Help team members design and improve their software development process. His focus is software product management, agile development, and application-based management requirements.