Search Query Expansion Using NLP and Machine Learning

The company’s search for complex technological training continues to be a great challenge. Tools that work well with web searches – social media, inbound links, and more – don’t exist within the company. To make matters worse, employee searches typically don’t include nouns, punctuation, and other word changes. Regardless of the traditional method (regulating and maintaining taxonomies or introducing extensive training for machine learning), it is expensive and not available. Agolo’s interactive work uses an intuitive method to identify and analyze relationships between words within a single content. The resulting relationship diagram can be used for complex queries and questions.

This discussion will show customer examples and determine the value of this method.

Presenter Bios:

Barry Graubart is the FinTech leader and B2B has a strong product management system as well as a proven track record of creating new products to drive new revenue, data, and analytics.

Abdurahman Taha is Agolo, the world’s leading software engineer. Prior to Agolo, Taha gained extensive experience in software development, R&D, and deep learning in a variety of roles. Taha received her bachelor’s degree from Ain Shams University in computer engineering.