Justice promotes health justice through health and medical education in 2021

In recognition of Women’s Health Month, we welcome a new series of discussions focused on women’s health justice and women’s health professionals. Endorsed by the ACE team, these inspiring commentaries examine the challenges faced by women in the healthcare industry, address the need for representation, and offer insightful advice for seeking healthcare professionals.

The program aims to promote the ACE statement on equality, diversity, and inclusion by increasing the voice of women health professionals. According to Sports MVP’s 2018 report, the vast majority of coaches, health educators, and team health educators are women. The same article states that men outnumber women more than most members of the healthcare industry, particularly in the top leadership position. This discrepancy between healthcare professionals and the fact that the gym is dominated by women is just one of the problems that healthcare workers face.

In the second quarter, ACE expert Araceli De Leon spoke with Maxi Blasini, MS about the innovative approach she offers to health education and how she has implemented her own business plan to support underserved communities that often cannot. Provide health training. Maxi describes her impact on the community.