Black Americans’ Better Heart Health Is Linked to Religion.

Black Americans' Better Heart Health Is Linked to

Compared to Black Americans who are less religious or have no religious views, those who frequently attend church and pray had superior cardiovascular health. In and around Jackson, Michigan, 2,967 African Americans took part in the study, which was reported in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Those who regularly attended religious services had a 15% higher chance of meeting the American Heart Association’s standards for intermediate or optimal cardiovascular health.

Regular private prayer increased a person’s likelihood of obtaining an intermediate or optimal Heart Association score for diet by 12%. People who reported using “religious coping” were 14% more likely to be in good cardiovascular health.

Black Americans tend to have worse overall cardiovascular health than non-Hispanic white individuals, according to data, which Brewer said the study may help doctors better manage. In comparison to white individuals, Black Americans had greater death rates from heart disease.

In a news release, Brewer stated that “our findings underline the significant importance that culturally customized health promotion activities and suggestions for lifestyle modification may have in improving health equity.”

Culturally appropriate therapies may have a greater chance of affecting cardiovascular health as well as the durability and maintenance of healthy lifestyle modifications.