BTS Singer Jungkook’s Advice on How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The massively popular K-pop boy band member Jeon Jungkook is back with his charming smile, ready to make ARMY’s heart flutter once more and give some advice on how to have a good night’s sleep.

The BTS member who is the youngest gave a good night interview on Reverse while sitting in a cozy bedroom and talking about his “unique everyday routine.”

In the hopes that ARMYs could learn something from his interview that would help them to get a good night’s rest as well, Jungkook was prepared to describe the rituals he observes before bed.

Jungkook tells the ARMYs right away that he frequently has trouble falling asleep quickly. As he feels drowsy and when his eyes start to shut, he watches or listens to music to fall asleep.

The BTS frontman continued, “It feels like sometimes I fall asleep in about 30 seconds, other times I remain up for three to four hours,” as if that weren’t sympathetic enough.

What does he think when the latter happens? The Golden Maknae reported that when he reflects on what happened that day, more thoughts start to come to mind.

He might think about how he performed at the concert for a while before having another notion. He continued, grinning, by saying, then he considered that subject along with several others.

Additionally, Jungkook provided some excellent suggestions for ARMYs to ensure they can capture some z’s. The BTS member first and foremost makes sure he follows a sleep routine.

If he is unable to accomplish that and must remain up late, he will attempt to stay awake throughout the day and sleep just at night. He also likes to maintain the right temperature in his room.

I normally keep my room at the perfect temperature, he remarked. If it’s too hot or too cold, I can’t sleep. In addition, Jungkook recommended not eating anything just before night and doing a little light stretching to help you relax.

Given Jungkook’s reputation as a perfectionist fitness freak, it’s unlikely that many ARMYs can identify with his idealistic habits and skills.

However, there is one item to which most individuals may be able to connect. Even the Golden Maknae of BTS finds it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

When questioned about his morning alarm suggestion, he said it was useless because he can’t hear the alarm in any case. Even on that day, according to Jungkook, he awoke late, hurriedly dressed, and left.

It might be ideal to learn from Jungkook’s example. Because he already adheres to the majority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advice for getting more restful sleep.

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