Can an excess of vitamin D be harmful to your health?

Can an excess of vitamin D be harmful to your health?

Long recognized as essential for healthy bones, vitamin D aids in the body’s ability to absorb and hold onto minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Sunlight exposure, supplements, and certain foodstuffs are some of the sources of vitamin D.

People who lack this vitamin take supplements in addition to natural sources such as saline fish, red meat, egg yolk, etc. But these supplements are usually taken after seeing a doctor.

Overusing supplements has negative impacts on our bodies since, as we all know, excess of everything is unhealthy. A vitamin D overdose can harm the kidneys and bones and may cause our bodies to produce more calcium than is necessary.

Blood tests are required to determine the toxicity levels in supplement users who use them often. One should cease taking vitamin D pills right once if their blood pressure is excessive. The age and health of a person have a role in the appropriate supplement dose, which is clarified.

The standard starting dose is 400 IU per day, and it increases to 800 IU as needed. While she hasn’t heard of any cases of mortality brought on by dietary supplements, incorrect doses, and excessive intake can have an impact on bone fragility and calcium absorption.

Also, Remember The Following:
  • The kidneys and bones are among the organs that are damaged by vitamin D supplement overdoses.
  • Prior to using it, it is important to get medical advice and understand the recommended dosage.
  • Take a blood test to determine the levels of toxicity.
  • Vitamin D is best obtained through sunlight.