Daytime Sleepiness: Coping Strategies

Daytime Sleepiness: Coping Strategies

A sleep intervention may be necessary if being very sleepy interferes with your daily activities. Everybody occasionally experiences feeling lethargic during the day.

But you could have hypersomnia if you’ve observed that you’ve been struggling with this problem rather regularly. A sleep intervention may be necessary if being very sleepy interferes with your daily activities.

Extreme daytime drowsiness is referred to medically as hypersomnia. Despite getting a decent night’s sleep, this, as the name implies, might make you feel tired during the day. Naturally, it might have disastrous effects on your day-to-day activities.

Apart From Seeking Appropriate Medical Attention, There Are 5 Things You Can Do To Help You Cope Better:

Rhythmic Sleep Cycle

Set a regular time for going to bed. This will assist your body in adjusting to a sleep schedule. You can ensure that your bedroom is cool, dark, quiet, and well-ventilated. Invest in a mattress, pillows, sheets, and blankets that are pleasant for you to sleep on.

Stay away from coffee products

The stimulant caffeine. Consuming it will therefore hasten the transmission of signals between the brain and body. It causes one to feel more awake, aware, and motivated.

A few hours before going to bed, stay away from beverages like coffee, cola, tea, and chocolate as well as different over-the-counter medications. Don’t use cigarettes or any other items that contain nicotine as they have the same impact.

Discover the best work shifts for you.

Share information about your illness with your family, employer, and healthcare practitioner. If you have a job, this information is crucial for making changes to maintain your work hours.

Working night shifts can be particularly damaging for someone who has hypersomnia since it will disturb their regular sleep pattern.

Avoid drinking alcohol

The perception of alcohol as a beverage that promotes sleep is common. Its status as a depressant explains why. However, drinking alcohol may have negative effects. It typically goes hand in hand with nightmares and night sweats, and it might keep you awake.

Drive Cautiously

Avoid using any machinery that might endanger you or others while you are driving or using other potentially risky vehicles. Those who take medicine for hypersomnia or other similar medical disorders should keep this in mind in particular.