Following the ‘Pandemic is Over’ comment, Biden’s UN speech is light on COVID-19.

Following the 'Pandemic is Over' comment, Biden's UN speech is light on COVID-19.

Before making a cursory reference to the virus in a speech to foreign leaders, the president recognized objections to his remark and made an effort to clarify it while speaking to a Democratic audience.

While addressing foreign leaders on Wednesday, President Joe Biden refrained from using the word “pandemic” to characterize the coronavirus epidemic in response to criticism of his statements that the COVID-19 pandemic is “gone.”

Biden addressed the mostly unmasked United Nations General Assembly convened in New York City, saying that “in the previous year, our globe has faced significant upheaval: rising crises and food poverty, record heat, floods and droughts, COVID-19, inflation, and a violent, unnecessary war.”

In a significant departure from his speech from the previous year, the president mentioned a fund to prepare for future outbreaks but only once used the word “pandemic.” In the speech from the previous year, Biden used the word “pandemic” in the third phrase after taking off his mask as he approached the stage.

In his speech to the U.N. General Assembly precisely one year ago, Biden said, “We’ve lost so much to this horrific pandemic that continues to claim lives throughout the world and impact so much on our existence.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which dominated Biden’s speech on Wednesday, is only one of the many things that have changed in the last year.

However, they did nothing to clarify the president’s claim that the epidemic is “over” in his interview with “60 Minutes.” Biden noted that people are in “fairly decent condition” in the interview that aired on Sunday, citing a decrease in mask use.

The epidemic is gone, according to Biden. The epidemic is finished, but there is still much work to be done. Nobody is hiding their identity if you observe. Everyone seemed to be in decent form.

Tuesday night, Biden sought to explain his comments after acknowledging that he had received criticism for them during remarks at a DNC gathering.

In response to criticism over his statement, Biden stated on Tuesday that the epidemic was, quote, “over.” However, it’s essentially not there anymore. Attempts have been made by Biden’s staff to partially retract his comments.

According to renowned infectious disease researcher Anthony Fauci, “what he meant is that the extremely severe stage of the epidemic, which had… 3,000 deaths a day – that stage is no longer there,” but “people should not be flippant that we’re out of the woods.”

The United States is “out of the epidemic phase,” as Fauci himself stated in April, but he had to retract that statement. However, the president’s comments can cause problems down the road.