Apixio’s new Transformation Solution can improve risk management and clinical guidelines.

Apixio, an artificial intelligence health research company, today announced the launch of two more advanced methodologies, Apicare Insights and Apicare Pre-Visit. These solutions provide the best of Apixio technology with KLAS technology and risk adjustment to provide a complete and accurate view of the patient and give clinicians a better understanding of when and where they are most needed during treatment.

At a stage of nursing care, health teams need risk management programs that provide physicians with energy and care, comply with admission rules, and improve patient outcomes. To achieve these goals, access to complete and accurate patient data is required. Accessing this data is challenging for a number of reasons, including clinical data is stored and processed in various silos, unstructured data that is difficult to access, and that receives information efficiently.

Apixio’s Apicare Insights and Apicare Pre-Visit solutions now enable payers and care providers to provide healthcare providers with a complete and accurate understanding of a patient’s long-term medical history. Apixio’s solution is designed to help healthcare teams improve risk management, improve clinical guidelines, and measure cost-effective care by providing a solid understanding of AI-enabled solutions.

These solutions continue to undergo artificial intelligence tests to identify and restore diagnostic gaps and suspicious conditions. Through Apicare visits, doctors can access a patient’s long history and take an evidence-based position based on documentation, regardless of where they come from. This AI-enabled service enables clinicians to ensure patient records are complete and accurate. Apixio’s Infostream EHR collection is available to its suppliers and enables them to share hypocritical data as well as the ability to promote immediate management performance. Apixio’s experience has shown that collaboration between AIs and doctors results in higher admission rates, fewer vacancies, and, ultimately, less wasted money.

“In many EHRs, the medical records review process for each patient requires hospital staff to review multiple tabs and multiple unstructured documents, including multiple records, which can result in information that can be lost,” said Sachin Patel, president of Apixio. “With these promising solutions, Apixio can take the pressure off you and give you instant knowledge and information related to the knowledge you need to rely on in research and documentation.”

With Apixio’s solution, members can:

• Discover the suspect in a known location using Apixio’s artificial intelligence algorithms to improve threat control, reconstruction analysis, and documentation;

• Improve performance by reducing the time and resources spent on various patient data analyzes;

• Track and measure risk openness and identify financial risks related to the first fiscal year to improve financial performance.

About Apixio

Apixio promotes health care through intelligence and data analysis. Our intellectual property platform provides healthcare organizations with access to information about hospitals around the world and develops new insights that will transform the way healthcare is measured, delivered, and researched.