COVID: India Administers 1 Billion Vaccine Doses

India is the second country to reach a significant number after China did so in June. Still, government officials are concerned about the gap between the first and second drugs.

India has used up to 1 billion doses of COVID-19, officials said Thursday. The new figures are alarming for South Asian countries, where several factors have contributed to the epidemic in the past.

Approximately 75% of the total adult population of India have received at least one dose, while almost 30% have received these two bullets.

The country, with a population of 1.4 billion, is the second-largest distributor of more than a billion drugs after China completed it in June.

Disease reduction

The number of diseases has been declining since the beginning of the year, when the delta species became highly contagious, first discovered in the country a year ago, infecting hundreds of thousands every day.

The surgery covered the Indian health system and filled the corpse area.

Although vaccination campaigns have helped control the outbreak, officials are still concerned about the gap between those who received the first and second bullets.

‘Complete coverage is critical’

Promoting a second drug is “an important step,” VK Paul, the country’s COVID chief of staff, said last week.

“We would like to see this number increase. Full coverage is very important,” he said.

India stopped exporting vaccines in April, based on strict domestic demand and resumed exports earlier this month.

On Wednesday, the country announced more than 14,000 new people. India has recorded more than 34 million deaths and 450,000 deaths since the start of the deadly disease.