Exer Launches Gait and Physio Mobile Apps to Expand AI-Powered Digital Health Platform

Exer Labs, a digital healthcare company that supports AI to help health professionals update their computer vision to evaluate their treatment plans, has released two new applications, Gait and Physio. Combined with original study and range of motion, Exer meets the needs of diverse clients as they improve their ability to work a patient’s entire life and eyes on one person. Support for the Exer app is compatible with traditional next-generation AI that uses a 2D camera to run on any phone (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). The software identifies biological and physiological factors that provide healthcare workers and their patients with real-time data collection and analysis during exercise and activity. A smart user experience promotes commitment, obedience, and better long-term results.

Exer Gait is a fast-paced diagnostic tool for accurate metric analysis that helps qualified healthcare professionals identify those at risk and detect progress over time. Gait was created to address the growing health problems in large homes around the world, where infectious diseases have been studied extensively, but keeping residents healthy is increasingly important. Inexpensive, easy-to-stop, and expanded application testing applications in industrial research, prosthetics, and professional sports.

Salus Physical Therapy, a leading provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services to lifetime care centers in the United States, was one of Gait’s first clients. After discovering what Exer could use for mobile software, the Salus team provided valuable feedback and experiments on Exer and the hospital environment. As a result, a simple tool that allows clinicians to take equal measures that identify residents who are at high risk for falls, as well as provide feedback on progress.

Exeter Physio is a digital physiotherapy application that enables healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care in both hospitals and rural areas, expanding their connection with patients dramatically.

“Physio has been in development for two years and speaks for exercise and movement more than anything we have developed,” Thet said. “By assisting physical therapists and physicians in guiding their patients through data-driven reforms that promote and increase the success of their rehabilitation programs, Physio changing the experience of treatment at home in hospital visits to make it more effective ”.

After a hospital visit, PT usually prescribes an exercise or movement program necessary for hospital care between visits, as the Home Exercise Program (HEP) is the backbone of the recovery plan. Physio provides therapists with patient data collection at all times of care by providing approved metrics for these in-home programs. For patients, the application scans and corrects the type of exercise immediately and automatically repeats the count, giving them confidence that they are doing well in their recovery process.

At Physio, there is an extensive library of over 200 exercises performed by a physical therapist or physician to develop the prescribed regimen, as well as a weekly supplement. Finally, this mobile library client will open, allowing you to add programs or modifications to your needs.

Cascade Prevention and Physical Therapy, a practice in Lakewood, Colorado, is one of the clinics that Physio uses and reports research reports from clients and partners.

This enables our therapists to monitor progress and metrics on visualizations and assessments so they can effectively improve plans of care and maximize results with each of our patients. It’s amazing. “

As a leading business and investment partner, including Signia Venture Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Morado Ventures, Oceans Ventures, and Operator Partners, Exer strives to help the world move, train, and play.