GoodRx Agreed to Acquire VitaCare

GoodRx, a leading consumer-focused digital health care platform, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase vitaCare prescription services from TherapeuticsMD. VitaCare is a technology and services platform that helps patients overcome major barriers to access and compliance with brand-name drugs. Specifically, vitaCare helps patients understand coverage, identify savings opportunities and facilitate communication between physicians and payers. And thanks to our extensive network of third-party pharmacies, it’s easy to fill your prescriptions on our website. The acquisition will enable GoodRx to help more patients get their prescriptions in a timely, cost-effective, and transparent way, as well as keep their prescription drugs available for as long as they are needed.

According to data from IQVIA, FDA, and DrFirst, only half of the 500 million brand prescriptions created each year are filled. A decisive factor is that affordability is a significant barrier to access by many, resulting in poor patient adherence. According to CoverMyMeds, 29% of all prescriptions prescribed in the United States last year were delayed due to delays in insurance processing and communication with doctors, according to CoverMyMeds. GoodRx believes that vitaCare will have more tools to help streamline the prescribing process from start to finish, giving patients a clearer path to access and pay for the brand-name drugs they need. The acquisition is also expected to enhance GoodRx’s rapidly developing, high-margin Pharma Manufacturer Solutions offering, including drug insights, accessibility and compliance, and unique features.

John Milligan, CEO of vitaCare Prescription Services, said, “We are excited to join GoodRx and be part of the team that makes affordable health care accessible to everyone. “Consumers turn to vitaCare for a seamless, patient-centric experience that helps them get their prescription brand drugs. By joining the GoodRx team, we look forward to expanding our network of pharmaceutical manufacturers and bringing more therapies to consumers.”