H1 launches the first solution that gives life science teams the data they need to create more inclusive and successful studies

Providing a global healthcare system that integrates the healthcare environment, H1 announced today that it has launched the H1 Trial Landscape, the first solution that not only helps pharmaceutical companies and scientists determine the level of expertise in drugs. The home is needed for their clinical trials but also helps them find the best patient department to improve collection, retention, and admission for successful trials.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of trials do not register patients on time, leading to delays in the trial. By providing a solid understanding of data, H1 can transform this practice to enable companies to create better healthcare for patients around the world.

H1 Trial Landscape can help companies to:

• Reduce low-level study to well-organized

• Understand the site and the investigator about clinical trials.

• Establish appropriate partnerships for the study based on the needs of the patient and the interests of the organization.

• Improve patient control and reduce the risk of patient failure on admission.

• Simplify the training of midwives through a platform that uses a life-saving medicine approach.

H1 has developed a pathway for the pharmaceutical and life sciences through partnerships with clinicians and teams to map important contexts in clinical trials and inclusion. The new information comes in response to new FDA guidelines on promoting different types of clinical trials, as well as encouraging participation in pharmaceutical product development, where life sciences are now empowered to report on their patients.

Ariel Katz, editor and CEO of H1 Trial Landscape, said: “H1 Trial Landscape can help companies realize their potential quickly, often in hours rather than weeks.” “And it’s the only kind of answer that states that the department may have a different number of patients for clinical trials.”

One of the first companies to use H1 Trial Landscape is a leader in data analysis and testing of a new clinical trial, TrialSpark, conducting clinical trials and collaborating with various hospitals and scientific institutions. Leslie Saltzman, TrialSpark Medical Director, said: “The H1 solution has allowed us to accelerate the upgrade as well as the test planning process to help us identify KOLs and identify potential sites to improve our intake plan.” Our information is truly collaborative with our team, but we are grateful for the ability to work together to help create more trials and tribulations, ultimately increasing the chances of getting more patients certainly for us. “

Powered by the current H1 Universe HCP platform comprising industry-leading sites as well as surveyor data, H1 Trial Landscape is a complement to the universal H1 HCP solution. Learn more about the H1 test.

About H1

H1 provides a comprehensive global healthcare system to help life sciences, hospitals, medical schools, education, and healthcare systems connect with providers, find clinical trials, find industry experts, and schedule meetings with each other. As a trusted source of expertise for healthcare professionals and industry, H1 integrates the entire healthcare environment with real-time data as well as clinical research.