InnerScope Hearing Technologies Announces Partnership with Atlazo Inc. to Develop Next-Generation AI-Based Audible Products

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (“InnerScope”), a leading provider of over-the-counter (DTC) and over-the-counter (OTC) products, today announced its partnership with Atlazo Inc. (“Atlazo”) to re-grow. Generation hearing aids in headphones and earphones, using Atlazo’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware platform. Atlazo’s patented ultra-low-power System-on-Chip (SoC) hearing aids will provide clients with unprecedented features, including voice commands, continuous medical monitoring, as well as seamless integration with other devices.

Mr. Adnan Shennib, CTO of InnerScope, said: “Consumers will benefit not only from a good listening and noise environment but also from natural instincts and other interactive wireless devices, including mobile phones, which provide an improved and improved user experience. “

Atlazo’s combination of integrated digital hardware reduces cost and time to market for handheld device manufacturers. The SoC platform includes software algorithms designed for portable healthcare applications. The Atlazo support and the InnerScope support are stocked, which is designed to listen to more than a dozen authorized and pending devices.

“We are excited to join forces with InnerScope and the iHEAR team to develop a new type of meat products, enhancing the perfect iHEAR experience,” said Karim Arabi, founder, and CEO of Atlazo.

“With a recent FDA OTC regulation issued last month, which includes a significant plan designed to improve accessibility and reduce the cost of hearing aids for millions of Americans, as well as the prospects for implementing this OTC policy, InnerScope will soon advance. Complete your plans to become a leader in today’s audio device market. Aslazo’s partnership with iHear’s research and development team gives InnerScope the ability to create innovative new types of smart products that go beyond today’s digital devices no, you can benefit from using it. “

InnerScope Hearing Technologies, Inc History

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. is an FDA-registered hearing aid manufacturer and distributor and is a personal amplifier (PSAP) product dedicated to meeting the global demand for affordable hearing solutions. InnerScope products and business models overcome barriers to getting a good response from the ear. Through Access iHear Medical Inc., a cloud solutions provider receiving more than 40 patents, as well as the implementation of HearingAssist Acquisition, a leading hearing aid market leader that has over 400,000 customers, InnerScope is ideally located to expand your social media distribution network with your market-leading solutions Buyers have high-end products offered at low-cost hearing aids sold in earplugs.

About Atlazo

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is dedicated to expanding the global demand for healthcare and audio analytics by combining profitable statistics and efficient artificial intelligence. ) solution. Atlzao’s new SoC product provides developers with a platform for rapid development of wearable healthcare products, reducing costs and time to market.