IntelliCentrics and EUCARE Announce Strategic Partnership Supporting the Delivery of High-Quality Integrated Medical Services from Taiwan to the World

IntelliCentrics, developer of SECURE Ethos, SECURE Passport, Link & GO!, BioByte and BioBytes Visitor, and EUCARE, an online medical research service for emergency physicians, specialists, and pharmacists in Taiwan, declared a partnership delivering integral solutions of health services. EUCARE’s work with the healthcare network seeks to remove the physical barrier to accessing high-quality healthcare services, which is also a response to the international telemedicine forecast of the Taiwan Ministry of Health, or MOH. The partnership between IntelliCentrics and EUCARE will expand IntelliCentrics technology, which builds confidence in the delivery of care, as well as healthcare professionals in the EUCARE network who provide comprehensive medical advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, eliminating barriers to access to health.

“First, IntelliCentrics’ partnership with EUCARE gives families of students, business professionals and tourists the peace of mind that they are connected and can access high-quality medical equipment from Taiwan while traveling abroad.”

The Taiwanese healthcare system is considered a global healthcare system. “EUCARE’s range of emergency medical, professional, psychiatric and medical services provide foreigners with a full range of quality care while at home by putting the data in a single database. We look forward to sharing this great progress with the world in the near future, “said Alex Chuang, President of EUCARE.

This partnership will begin by serving Taiwanese overseas in mainland China, North America, and the UK by expanding coverage to allow citizens around the world access to high-quality Taiwanese medical equipment.

About IntelliCentrics

With the goal of providing reliable, high-quality healthcare that can be accessed like a real cup of coffee, IntelliCentrics created SECURE Ethos. Based on three fundamental values: transparency, neutrality, and independence, SECURE Ethos has more than 11,000 service centers around the world to guarantee trust between patients, doctors, and real estate agents. For more information on the world’s most trusted healthcare technology platform, visit IntelliCentrics is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited under product code 6819.


EUCARE Co., Ltd. provides an excellent health care system that is professional, innovative, and the best, with the goal of “becoming your friend who protects your health.” Through collaborations and efforts with isolated healthcare providers, we aim to introduce high-quality equipment and advanced health information and technologies to Taiwan around the world.

EUCARE, launched in 2018, specializes in the development and design of remote medical treatment applications. It launched the app, EUCARE, in 2019. As a result of its development and planning, EUCARE has added a number of services to the app, including 24-hour emergency medical services, team research, specialists, psychotherapy, and medical advice.

As we expand our business reach and gather collaborative experiences in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, we strive to improve all services in platform optimization and integration to create the right platform for external healthcare treatment to deliver efficient service-related services to the health system and patients then achieve the goal of “becoming your friend who protects your health.”