Lark Health is developing an AI-based heart health program

Lark Health today announced the development of a new AI-based program for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics. The program, called Lark Heart Health, is an AI-powered virtual care solution that provides personalized health advice anytime, anywhere. The new heart health program is expected to launch later this year.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and almost half of all adults in the United States have some type of cardiovascular disease. It is also one of the costliest chronic diseases, with heart disease and stroke costing the US healthcare system an estimated $214 billion a year. However, provider shortages and siled care teams leave patients with limited care options, gaps in care, and insufficient education and autonomy to self-manage their heart health. In addition, high treatment costs and resource limitations often limit care to those with the most serious conditions.

Built using a cognitive behavioral therapy framework and designed in accordance with American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, Lark Heart Health will provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for ongoing person-centered training in heart health in order to help users improve their healthy lifestyle habits, reduce stress levels, and ultimately reduce risk factors for heart disease. Through an evidence-based educational program and real-time personalized training, Lark will provide users with the tools they need to make meaningful lifestyle changes that can help them better prevent and manage ASCVD and CAD.

Earlier this year, Lark announced that she had joined the AHA network at the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology and Innovation, which focuses on building and fostering relationships in the field of health technologies. to develop innovative and scalable solutions.

“Lark Heart Health will help high-risk individuals actively prevent and manage the cardiovascular disease through personalized digital training. By leveraging our AI technology, we are able to deliver meaningful and engaging care at an unprecedented scale, and this collaboration with Roche Diagnostics will support the expansion of our proven technology platform in one of the most expensive chronic disease markets.”

About Lark Health

Lark is a health technology company focused on delivering infinitely scalable virtual preventive and chronic healthcare through conversational AI. To date, Lark has provided nearly 2 million people with unlimited personalized care, 24/7, through an easy-to-use SMS-like interface that incorporates remote patient monitoring tools and is based on a cognitive-behavioral therapy framework. Lark’s platform seamlessly integrates with health plans’ and employers’ existing healthcare infrastructure to help them scale their chronic disease management and prevention programs, drive engagement and improve health outcomes. Lark currently works with several of the largest health plans and on four programs: Prevention, Diabetes Prevention, Diabetes Care, and Hypertension Care. Lark’s diabetes prevention program, the fastest growing and lowest cost DPP, has received the highest level of clinical recognition – Full Recognition – from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The company has received numerous accolades, including being named one of CB Insights Digital Health 150 (2019), a finalist for the UCSF Digital Health Awards, one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, and one of the Fierce Healthcare 15.