Magellan Healthcare introduces a high-touch, high-tech solution for collaborative care management powered by NeuroFlow

Magellan Healthcare, Magellan Health, Inc. (Nasdaq: MGLN) today announced a collaborative care management solution for health plans and providers that will enhance behavioral health care services provided in physical health care settings.

Developed with NeuroFlow, a key partner in Magellan’s digital transformation, this solution enables primary and specialty care providers to identify and manage low to moderate risk behavioral health conditions before they progress. Increase access to behavioral health care and exams.

Providers will be better supported by the Magellan clinical team, which will leverage Neuroflow’s cloud-based platform to deliver:

• Patient data integrated into existing provider electronic medical records and practice workflows

• Artificial intelligence that identifies members at risk, allows real-time feedback, and reports on results such as symptom reduction and remission.

• Integration with a member application that provides self-care activities and personalized clinical content feeds the results recorded by the patient to a registry for monitoring and risk stratification.

It addresses the growing challenge of limited access and availability for high-tech and high-tech solution providers. According to a report by the New American Economy, 60% of counties in the US have a shortage of psychiatrists, and by 2025, Americans will have an estimated shortage of 250,000 mental health professionals. Additionally, members with low to moderate risk behavioral health issues may experience undiagnosed/underdiagnosed conditions that go untreated.

The Collaborative Care Model

Collaborative care is an integrated approach to care that provides a referral system as well as a human health system as well as a team system for treating patients with behavioral health and health issues within the framework of primary care.

Collaborative Care Delivery Teams work with nursing technology assistants and psychiatrists to help primary care nurses integrate health care into their primary care setting. This is a closed-loop device and has been shown to promote quality depression management while helping to provide 6: 1 feedback markers.

Although many years of research support the effectiveness of social care, it comes at a high cost and in the long run. Magellan Solutions uses NeuroFlow technology to overcome these barriers, enabling efficient mobility and integration between departments in days to weeks.

How Magellan’s CoCM Solution Works

Patients complete a well-planned medical exam using a mobile device or tablet when they arrive at their provider’s office. Test results are reviewed and submitted to the dashboard integrated into the patient’s medical record. The provider can discuss the result with the patient during the visit and recommend social care for those at risk.

Magellan’s caregiver integrates the NeuroFlow cloud database to monitor his patients and prioritize those who need them. The caregiver acts as a link between the provider and the Magellan psychiatrist who recommends the best practice. The patient benefits from NeuroFlow-based clinical content during and after treatment to manage their condition through programs such as journaling and psychoeducation. The use of gamification within the app also allows patients to engage.

“Data from a completed questionnaire on the NeuroFlow platform highlights the health impact of a multidisciplinary hospital; 67% of patients in intensive care received a 50% reduction of depression within 4-8 months. We help team members achieve transformative results. “

About Magellan Health

Magellan Health Inc. Magellan advocates new ways to improve health through technology while focusing on the essential personal relationships needed to lead healthier lives. Magellan clients include health plans as well as other care management teams, employers, employees, the military and other government agencies, and other managers.

About NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow is a digital healthcare company that integrates automated workflows, customer engagement responses, and AI deployment to promote the integration of behavioral health across care settings. HIPAA NeuroFlow, a cloud-based device that simplifies long-distance patient monitoring, facilitates differentiation and supports interactive care. With NeuroFlow, healthcare teams can bridge the gap between mental and physical health to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.