Med Tech Solutions Announces Affordable and Powerful Business Intelligence Dashboards for Healthcare Practices

Med Tech Solutions (MTS), a practice-based IT response provider for medical teams, has developed the visual business intelligence (BI) of MTS Practice Data Analytics. Data Practice Analysis pulls over 40 BI reports from a comprehensive medical record (EHR) that Acan views in well-organized dashboards. Hospital, business, and IT executives gain insight, immediate insight into the performance indicators needed to guide decision-making and resolve problems immediately. This furthers the potential for healthcare practices of all kinds to benefit from the IT approach of MTS’s Practice-Centered Care ™.

Mona Abutaleb, CEO of MTS, said: “Once only accessible for the largest practices, business intelligence provides all the necessary insights they need to rapidly improve their operations through hospital care down to cost and cost refund”. “Plant bars provide immediate information on where problems can occur and where there is potential for funding, performance, and improving patient outcomes.”

The analytical data collection comes with reports for hospital understanding, finances, and management. Examples include:

Production Period: Actions can view the current pick time and the percentage of picks saved and canceled, as well as associated numbers to help promote high usage and reduce exposure.

Healthcare system: Hospital officials can review the details of the procedure at any time, as well as whether the metrics met or exceeded grades to support the public health plan, as well as the type of care reimbursement based on benefits.

Free Documentation and Payment Codes – Clinics can track documentation and all codes are complete and accurate, ensuring receipts are received and reviewed on time.

License and Application Updates – Analytical data analysis makes it easy for today’s IT teams and professionals to find applications, licenses, and hardware that need to be updated to ensure performance and security.

Refund and Denial: The practice data collection includes a full account metric received from payers, as well as reasons for denying or denying prior rights, and may determine the possibility of a refund.

Abutaleb added, “MTS Practice Data Analytics gives our senior clients, physicians, clinicians, and managers access to the comprehensive information they need to perform well in a fast-paced environment.” “By using visual and intelligent data analytics in the near future, they can make better decisions and also provide exceptional care that they know well.”

Analysis data collection relies on MTS support for critical applications trusted by today’s medical teams. MTS offers a wide range of managed services for cloud and home reconstruction of electronic medical records (EHR), behavior management software (PMS), telehealth platforms, patient engagement systems, communication and storage systems. Photo Library (PACS), Financial Circuit Management System (RCM), Human Health Systems, and many business applications, including Microsoft 365 Home.

About Med Tech Solutions

Med Tech Solutions (MTS) develops technology systems that work like healthcare practices. The dedicated IT management team supports your mission-focused attention to ensure technology systems support critical hospital operations as well as critical business planning. Teams and vendors can rely on a secure IT infrastructure, best-in-class hospital business, and applications, as well as comprehensive user support, to focus on patient care. Founded in 2006, MTS provides thousands of health care services across the country. The company has been identified as Seven Times Inc. 5000 is a growing personal application with future channel provider MSP 501 and is certified by HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) for its cloud computing.