Modern Healthcare Launches Digital Health Business and Technology to Serve the Entire Digital Health Ecosystem

Modern Healthcare, Crain’s communications brand, is pleased to announce the launch of Digital Health Business & Technology, a digital media brand that covers the latest news, data, and insights in all areas of digital health technology, from hardware, software products, and services investment, investment, and integration and access services.

The new digital brand brings the editorial expertise of Modern Health, a leading provider of healthcare business information for more than 45 years, as well as a decade of global digital health information and research from Mercom Capital’s Digital Health Business as of June 2021. The results of the product portfolio include:

• Digital health and technology business website, with news coverage, analytics, and database, as well as monthly M&A, reports.

• Digital Health Partnership with Intel’s Digital Health Weekly E-Newsletter

• Digital health advertising for breach of company record

For a brief period, health professionals perform key roles in operations, hospital and financial management, information technology, and related areas; entrepreneurs and industry leaders offering digital health solutions; investment companies, private and corporate investors (commercial banks, mutual funds, etc.), entrepreneurs; Private finance companies and spiritual investors are invited to sign up for an online content acquisition trial as well as a Digital Health Business & Technology e-newsletter.

“The business and technology of digital health will help meet the needs of the entire digital health environment, helping health executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors decide what is best to take care of digital health care for better results, faster development, and bigger business, ”said Fawn Lopez, editor of Healthcare Modern.

“Our digital healthcare portfolio will address the need for information healthcare executives need to understand the business value of the latest digital technologies for their operations, as well as experts and providers in hospital technology and equipment who review and identify the type of technology response available. for their digital health plans, as well as investors who follow business services, IPOs, and M&A to identify strategies for future investments in digital health care. “

Jon Morton, CEO of Digital Health Business and Technology

According to McKinsey & Company, in 2019, digital health represents a global market value of around $ 350 billion. All digital healthcare groups are expected to grow by an average of 8% annually starting in 2024, leading to a market capitalization of $ 600 billion. 

About Modern Healthcare, published by Crain Communications Inc

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