Mpowered Health Announces Partnership with eHealth to Help Consumers Select and Enroll in Medicare and Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

Mpowered Health, a consumer healthcare provider, today announced a partnership with eHealth, Inc., where the online health insurance market is a leader.

Through its partnership with eHealth, Mpowered Health consumers, including adults, uninsured and uninsured families, can now review, evaluate, and enroll in more comprehensive plans, and access to tools will help them find plans to cover their needs doctors chose with a personal prescription you need medication at the lowest cost.

“Our vision is to provide clients with the quality, choices, understanding, and opportunities they need to make healthy health decisions for themselves and their families. To provide the experience of purchasing the right insurance coverage that fits this vision. We are excited to partner with partners and it brings good to our customers. “

John Connor, Vice President of eHealth and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, said, “Mpowered Health’s commitment to promoting market understanding and empowering customers makes it a natural partner for eHealth.” “At eHealth, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all health insurance users, from individuals and families to Medicare beneficiaries, by helping them find the best insurance for their needs and budgets. We look forward to working with Mpowered Health. For that purpose.”

Before launching Mpowered Health, Nandini founded ZeOmega and helped grow it into one of the largest healthcare solutions companies in the industry.

Nandini founded Mpowered Health in February 2019 as a bold statement intended to give consumers the voice, understanding, choices, opportunities, and well-being they need to manage their family’s healthcare from birth to the end of life.

About Mpowered Health

Mpowered Health is a customer healthcare technology company that promotes creating the best healthcare experience for consumers and businesses. The California-based company enables consumers to take care of their health by providing mobile-driven solutions that enhance understanding, choice, opportunity, and excellence.

About eHealth

eHealth, Inc. operates the major health insurance marketplaces leading to and and technologies that provide clients with health insurance registry solutions. Since 1997, eHealth has connected more than eight million people with affordable health insurance, Medicare options, and assistance plans. The eHealth store offers Medicare benefits, Medicaid supplements, Medicare Part D, individual, family, small business, and other plans from more than 200 health insurance companies in 50 states and the District of Columbia.