Nemours Children’s Health chooses the Innovaccer Health Cloud to support value-oriented, whole-person care

Today Innovaccer Inc., a Health Cloud Company, announced its partnership with Nemours Children’s Health, one of the largest pediatric health systems in the country.

The partnership will integrate and manage clinical facilities with data from across the healthcare system to enable intelligent care assessment that can help identify and address gaps in care, improve management of life-threatening diseases, and improve clinical outcomes. for pediatric patients.

Hospital Network (CIN), Delaware Children’s Health Network, will provide Innovaccer® Health Cloud for understanding the health and finances of more than 50,000 patients across its network. Advanced Health Cloud may use this combined patient data to provide clinical and business information to support cost, procurement, and risk management across CINs and multiple payment providers.

The tablet will allow CIN executives to drill down and understand cost, implementation, and risk management; and digital transformation of risk stratification in health systems to identify and manage the challenges faced by the population, balance risks and levels of care, develop individual treatment plans to reduce threats and improve performance, and ensure a reorganization based on values and a management style.

When Children’s Health Nemours enters into a comprehensive victim settlement, you will leverage the insight and data collection capabilities of Innocaccer Health Cloud to integrate Medicaid paid meals with commercial providers in Delaware Valley, Florida-360 Information.

“Our goal is simple: define children’s health by helping our communities and families create a better future for our children. Everything affects a child’s health.

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About Nemours Children’s Health

Nemours Children’s Health is one of the largest multi-state pediatric health systems in the country and includes two independent children’s hospitals and a network of nearly 80 primary and specialized offices in five states. Nemours aims to transform children’s health by applying a holistic health model that benefits from high-quality, safe, and innovative care while protecting the health of the child as a whole beyond medicine. Nemours also operates the world’s most visited website for child and adolescent health information, KidsHealth .org The Nemours Foundation was created out of the legacy and philanthropy of Alfred I. DuPont and provides pediatric clinical care, research, and education, advocacy, and prevention programs for children. Families and children’s communities.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc., Health Cloud Company, is a leading health technology company headquartered in San Francisco, committed to the healthcare industry as a whole. Innovaccer solutions have been used in more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in the United States, enabling more than 37,000 providers to transform the healthcare industry and work with lenders and life science companies. Innovaccer has helped organizations integrate the health data of over 24 million people and achieve savings of over $ 600 million. Innovaccer is considered one of the best KLAS providers for 2021 in population health management and is the number one black book provider with customer ratings.