One Drop offers a new AI-powered solution for cardiovascular disease prevention

One Drop, a leading provider of healthcare solutions for chronic disease patients worldwide, today announced the launch of AI-enabled digital cardiovascular disease (CVD). The new CVD prevention system is the first digital product developed through the partnership between One Drop and Bayer to support the expansion of One Drop in different treatment sectors. According to the World Health Organization, at least 80% of heart. It can prevent, stroke and type 2 diabetes, a personalized digital system that combines the best treatment technology with the latest technology and predictive analytics to reduce the risk of CVD.

“The new anti-CVD module comes from a combination of our experts to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology,” said Jeanne Kehren, CIO and director of business and digital innovation at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. “This launch is an important milestone in our partnership with One Drop to make integrated care a transformative solution for patients and leaders in the healthcare industry.”

The First Digital Approach to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention provides a comprehensive digital app as well as tutorials to keep Drop members more healthily by organizing monitoring, collecting data, and providing potential insights, all in one compatible app. mobile devices. This program seeks to reduce the burden of disease for those at risk while reducing costs for health plans and staff.

“By removing barriers to accessing robust health and care information, One Drop is instilling confidence in our members, equipping them with the tools they need to make smart decisions, make improvements, and realize their full potential. The life-changing effects of our heart disease prevention module would not have been possible without the support and expertise of our partner, Bayer. The CVD prevention system is one of many products to come, thanks to our productive relationship that will help more people improve their lives. “

Rachel Yap Martens, Executive Vice President of Business Solutions and Business Planning at One Drop

Drop CVD Prevention offers several ways to improve a person’s health, including:

• Combined Medical Device to Help Reduce Risk of Heart Disease – Best Classroom Medical Equipment with Withings Captures High Blood Pressure and Weight Instantly Applied to One Drop App Along with Diet, Meds, Exercise, glucose, and A1C from thousands of other links.

• Scientifically Constructed Heart-Strengthening Habits: The program combines behavioral science, data science, and educational content designed to guide members toward positive attitudes toward weight management, exercise, and nutrition for a healthier life.

• Easy-to-eat plantations integrated with the health system: A leading nutrition experience makes it easier for members to stay on the right track and allows them to see and react to the process over time. Includes sodium and fiber.

• Individual health education by registered nurses (RN): immediate access to specialist professionals in health management and CVD for personalized support and regular monitoring of progress.

• Predictive biometric understanding, backed by intelligence: the CE marking engine behind glucose forecasting and blood pressure detection is a Drop machine learning algorithm with more than 30 billion health data from millions of members around the world. Understanding high blood pressure helps members at risk for CVD understand how their blood pressure is changing and provides timely advice and support.

The CVD prevention program is available to new job seekers and newcomers through the One Drop multiplayer program. One Drop will provide customers with health-focused programs in fall 2021, available in a winning Drop app (iOS and Android).

About a drop

One Drop is an accurate healthcare company with a combination of personal, intellectual, and telehealth research. Powered by machine learning algorithms and a wide range of real-time data, the digital platform combines predictive understanding, behavior change schedule, and the human impact of instruction, filling the gap between doctor visits and making decisions easier daily. Goal: Encourage everyone to take immediate action for better health outcomes, higher performance, and healthier life.