OneRecord Introduces OneRecord API to Enable Healthcare Medical Records Interoperability

OneRecord, a digital healthcare company focused on giving patients access to their own health data, has introduced the powerful new OneRecord API, created to provide healthcare developers and team members with an approach to the whole system to access personal health care data by electronic health records (EHRs) and payers. ‘, data states, among many other sources.

The OneRecord API is “designed” by developers, for developers “to access patient health data securely and with state-of-the-art data to improve progress in patient-centered care, including compliance with Social Relationships and Patient Access requirements in the 21st century. By facilitating access to patient-approved healthcare data, the OneRecord API enables partners to work more efficiently with access to the data they need its users, replacing traditional data recovery systems that are expensive and usually take weeks or months.

The OneRecord API came up in response to a series of questions from the public and private healthcare providers about FHIR-focused patient solutions to improve healthcare data. The OneRecord API is now ready to provide access to electronic medical records without making complex connections; companies can access it today for multiple uses:

• CROs and clinical research teams can significantly reduce the costs associated with manual entry and data analysis by selecting participants to assess their eligibility for clinical trials.

• Health plans can assess risk and severity by allowing members to share long-term medical records and initial statement data.

• Digital health developers, insurance companies, hospital analysts, and others can deliver the best results and participate quickly by accessing their employees’ health data.

Additionally, OneRecord’s simple solution allows developers to create a device that hopes a patient can switch health data between their platforms and EHR leaders including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, NextGen, Medhost, CPSI / Evident, clinical works, Medhost, and more cover more than 80% of the medical and data access provider markets.

“Time is changing. We live in a world of API that is the first in the world with the pressure to achieve a holistic relationship with healthcare. The OneRecord Developer API is the solution. We work with OneRecord to get more people to connect to their data as much as possible and see improvements in healthcare, companies help patients to give their patients, their members and participants access to their data as soon as possible by following our vision. Adjusting to the client’s medical condition, OneRecord has the opportunity to support all of those cases.

About OneRecord

OneRecord puts you in the middle of your healthcare by giving you access and ownership of your medical records and medical information in one place. It is based on the best practices defined in the interactive protocol and the use of a secure API that can be extended to a separate device. OneRecord supports companies that are compliant with its national healthcare plan so healthcare professionals can focus on small, portable information as well as other aspects of patient care.