Redox launches connector to Microsoft Cloud for healthcare through Microsoft Azure and AppSource Marketplaces

Today, Redox announces a new connection to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, enabling seamless collaboration between Microsoft Cloud for Health Care and EHR 85.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is a cloud platform that helps providers, life sciences, and vendors pay to improve hospital understanding and performance, provide a superior patient experience, and increase end-to-end security. Redox, a well-known provider of all EHR vendors and legacy data types, offers Microsoft Azure layer interoperability customers to quickly switch their legacy data to the FHIR® R4 standard and maximize connectivity in real-time.

Redox’s partnership with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides Redox’s interactive management services, used by thousands of healthcare providers and hundreds of technology providers. In addition to real-time FHIR® standardization, the Redox platform includes robust evidence retention and retrieval applications, error and information logging, full-text analytics, as well as user access and security.

“We are seeing a change in the cloud in healthcare and life sciences. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides a team of service providers, digital healthcare developers, and value-added providers; benefits increase due to the absence of conflicts, good relations with EHR’s Redox’s the new connection to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare allows Azure customers to connect secure and reliable hardware with Redox connectivity networks, as well as manage and exchange data between providers and health systems throughout the country “.

Tom McGuinness, vice president of Global Healthcare & Life Sciences, said Microsoft, “The next generation of patient care needs to manage healthcare data from a variety of sources.” “Redox helps accelerate data access for Microsoft customers, and they have proven to be a key partner in the EHR integration space. Health is an important principle, not an identity of care.”

About Redox

Redox enables the development and distribution of healthcare software solutions through a comprehensive implementation process to transform healthcare data efficiently and effectively. With just one connection, data can be transmitted through the growing network of more than 1,800 healthcare companies and 350 independent software providers. Members of the Redox Network change the records of more than 28 million patients each day and use standard data that matches the electronic health record system 85. Redox is available to improve healthcare data and enhance the experience of each patient.