Roche announced its collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb

Roche announced that it has partnered with Bristol Myers Squibb to support the development of two tests for use in clinical trials and the development and implementation of a second digital pathology algorithm.

In the first project of this partnership, Roche Digital Pathology has developed an AI-based imaging algorithm to help physicians define the VENTANA PD-L1 (SP142) assay product. Bristol Myers Squibb will use this algorithm to generate biomarker data from clinical trials. 20000

In the second project, Roche will participate in the recently announced open environment partnership with PathAI to integrate the PathAI algorithm developed for CD8 biomarker analysis into the NAVIFY Digital Pathology workflow software. Bristol Myers Squibb will use AI-enabled algorithms to analyze clinical trials with Roche’s CD8 assay and extract biomarker data.

Data from these two services are used to help with a cancer diagnosis and to drive tailored treatment options to improve patient outcomes.

Algorithms that pathologists can better understand. Targeted treatment options that ultimately improve patient care.”

The intelligence-based pathological imaging system can help in clinical studies to identify targeted treatment options. Expanding the scope of these imaging programs through the Roche Digital Pathology Open Environment can enable more accurate diagnoses, improved clinical decision making, and personalized treatment plans.