“Smallest baby at birth” at home after 13 months in the hospital

“Smallest baby at birth” at home after 13 months in the hospital

After 13 months of successful treatment, what is believed to be the youngest baby in the world has been discharged from a Singapore hospital?

Yu Xuan Kwek weighed just 212 g (7.47 oz), the weight of an apple, and 24 cm long at birth.

She was born in less than 25 weeks, less than the average of 40.

The previous owner was a young woman from the United States who, according to the University of Iowa Infantry Registry, weighed 245 g at birth in 2018.

Yu Xuan’s mother gave him birth in ER C four months before he was diagnosed with dangerous pre-eclampsia – high blood pressure that can damage vital organs and kill both mother and child.

Yu Xuan now weighs more than 6.3 kilograms (14 kilograms).

The girl had a “chance of survival” according to the National University of Singapore (NUH), where she was born.

Doctors said that her health and development had progressed well under her care and that it was now safe to leave.

Yu Xuan still has the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and will need help breathing at home. However, NUH doctors say she will get better with time.

His mother, Wong Mei Ling, told local media at the birth of Yu Xuan that her height was amazing because her first child, a four-year-old boy, was born.

Yu Xuan’s parents were able to pay for his long hospital stay thanks to a public campaign that raised S $ 366,884 ($ 270,601).