States enact record number of abortion restrictions in 2021

This year was the most restricted year on record, bringing in the first 100 new barriers in history, according to new research.

The state has introduced more than 100 years of prohibition this year in year in which the biggest obstacle to obtaining an abortion since Roe v. Wade, found a new study.

Since a major case in 1973 established the right to abortion before the fetus could conceive, the state has imposed restrictions in more than 1,300 years, 44% of which occurred just a decade ago. This year, for the first time, the state has imposed more than 100 restrictions in a year, according to research by the Guttmacher Institute, after surpassing the previous record of 89 restrictions set in 2011.

Perhaps most notable among the historic restrictions on pregnancy is the Texas ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, which began on September 1 and in recent weeks has sparked “every government effort” by regulators. . Biden. Last month, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas over the ban, which research shows was the only abortion ban before 20 weeks began in 1973.

Although the Lone Star state pregnancy ban may be the most common ban in the country, five other states have imposed more restrictions this year, according to the study. Arkansas has put the biggest barriers to pregnancy in place this year, according to research, followed by Oklahoma, Indiana, Montana, and South Dakota. A total of seventy-nine states out of 106 laws passed, including a 12-year ban, according to the study.

In December, the Supreme Court will hear arguments over Mississippi’s 15-year abortion ban, which supporters say is contrary to Roe v. Wade. With so many non-conservatives on the bench, this review suggests that the case could “be used to discourage Roe.”