Telemedicine innovators join Equum Medical to expand the adoption of virtual care across the patient continuum

Equum Medical, a leading provider of acute care telemedicine solutions, today announced it is hiring strategic executives to support its growing portfolio of clinical services that will help address the workforce and capacity challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heritage Group funding will enable EQUUM to further strengthen its service model and expand its experienced team of clinicians across the United States and beyond the delivery system.

“We are designing companies that anticipate the digitization of healthcare and, through it, the widespread adoption of virtual care across the patient continuum. With this long-term leadership team, Equum Medical will be able to deliver the full promise of acute telemedicine. We are in a unique position.”

During the COVID pandemic, Equum has supported hospitals in cities and rural areas, large and small, by connecting them through highly trained professionals and technology. We are now building this foundation by merging our continuously supported point-of-care teams through virtual care with our new telemedicine-assisted clinical services that can connect care from the emergency room to discharge. Equum Medical’s portfolio of clinical solutions aims to reduce bottlenecks affecting cost, quality, and access to healthcare systems and optimize patient flow.

Services now include:

• Remote critical care, including intermittent or 24-hour coverage for intensive care units, emergency rooms, and more

• Increase bed utilization and keep patients in the community by optimizing patient movement and hospital flow

• Virtual nursing through RNs assisting other providers in resolving clinical problems to meet the needs of a nursing shortage and rising travel nurse costs

• Observation and sedentary via telemedicine reduces side effects and lowers costs at the bedside.

• Telemedicine consulting, helping health systems devise sustainable strategies for eliminating legacy systems and reaching virtual care maturity

We believe we have provided examples that can demonstrate our unique service.” “We are proud to announce that this vision will be fulfilled by a dream team of experienced telemedicine leaders across the industry.”

About Equum Medical

For more than a decade, Equum Medical has provided Board-Certified Intensive Care Physicians providing acute care telemedicine to address the challenges hospitals and healthcare systems face as they seek to bridge coverage gaps. Equum Medical’s flexible and personalized approach helps clients improve the lives of field clinicians, expand patient care in their specialties, and provide program leadership. By adapting to each customer’s technology platform and ensuring the quality of care is delivered through proven data-driven change management methodologies, Equum Medical enables hospitals and healthcare systems to improve healthcare and serve more patients, while having positive clinical, operational excellence, and financial impact.