The US flu season has not started off this badly in more than ten years. Get your flu vaccination right now.

The US flu season has not started off this badly in more than ten years. Get your flu vaccination right now.

In the US, flu hospitalizations are at an all-time high and have picked up pace early in the season.

The last time flu hospitalization rates were this high at this stage of the season was more than ten years ago, during the H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

During flu season in the US, there have been at least 880,000 illnesses, close to 7,000 hospitalizations, and 360 flu-related fatalities. This week, the nation’s first pediatric fatality was recorded.

The best method to safeguard yourself is still to get the flu vaccination. Right now is the best time to take action. Please pick it up today. Avoid lingering.

Given that the flu season began at least a month earlier than normal, we are in a bit of a race with the virus. And it takes the injection between 10 days and two weeks to provide complete protection.

Before October 30th, people have their flu shots. Less individuals are obtaining the flu vaccination, nevertheless, compared to this time last year.

This season, around 128 million doses of the flu vaccination have been given out, down from 140 million at this stage last year and 156 million the year before.

Even though the current season began earlier than usual, there are plenty of good reasons for those who haven’t had a chance to do so right now.

Anyone who hasn’t received it yet is welcome to do so; it’s not too late. The advice is also quite straightforward: Except in exceptional circumstances, anybody aged 6 months or older in the US is eligible for and advised to receive the flu vaccination.

We still have at least a couple more months of flu season. It’s unclear if it’ll be shorter or longer than normal. The vaccination is still a very good reason to seek protection.

Although the vaccination is intended to guard against the most serious consequences and complications, vaccinated individuals can still get sick.

The flu shot is not ideal, we can all agree on that. It cannot provide 100 percent influenza protection for everyone. They assist to keep you away from the hospital, critical care unit, and emergency department, and they guard against your passing away. I used to like saying to my patients, “I’m so delighted you’re still here to complain.

Over the previous two weeks, the proportion of lab tests that are positive for influenza has more than doubled, with flu activity being highest in the South.