Health Catalyst in agreement to buy Twistle for $104.5 million

Health Catalyst technology, data analytics, and services have reached a deal to acquire Twistle, the company said this week. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Twistle is a technology services provider of automated SaaS technology, HIPAA compliant communications between caregivers and patients.

Thursday’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission valued the transaction at $ 104.5, plus a “profit” of up to $ 65 million. The revenue generated, as explained in the lawsuit, means Health Catalyst could launch another addition to its products if certain performance metrics are planned before June 30, 2022.

The amount of the donation to be determined will be determined by performance close to these considerations.


The goal of Twistle is to generate better results and reduce healthcare costs. Defining itself as a “GPS” for the healthcare system, Twistle provides “step-by-step” guidance to patients as they navigate the system before, during, and after the treatment process. It does this by automatically connecting to multi-channel communications such as secure text messaging, patient gateways, and voice feedback.

Officials from both companies hope Twistle’s services, along with its patient engagement program, as well as the Health Catalyst healthcare system, will provide a market-leading response that will meet global healthcare needs.

The idea is that DOS, Health Catalyst’s cloud information system, will improve Twistle’s performance capabilities by strengthening patient relationships, while Twistle technology will improve the overall health, quality, and lifecycle of Twistle. Health Catalyst.

Health Catalyst hopes to support the business using a combination of products and resources. The group expects the company, based on all traditional closing conditions, to close early this year.


In 2020, KLAS awarded most vendors with value-based sales and awarded Health Catalyst a score of 89.2. Health Catalyst customers reported a strong sense of partnership with the company’s vast pool of experts, saying they had received proactive training and received the attention they might really need to help them succeed improve.

Moody’s Investors Service predicted in April that integration and access to healthcare would be strong in 2021, along with support and partnerships to increase numbers and investments. Support efforts will be driven largely by interest in new markets, as well as a desire to provide more services.


Kulmeet Singh, Founder, and CEO of Twistle said: “The relationship between our culture, our values, and our solutions will have a great impact on the health and well-being of patients. Health Catalyst health information can trigger personal advertisements, and a unique patient profile will allow Twistle’s methods of communication to match their interests and means never seen before.” We are excited about the prospects for a common solution that works well. For those at risk, it advances health equity and also improves patient care.

“We expect health teams to recognize higher value than we expect from them to be intelligent with everyone, which gives them time to focus on what patients need the information to follow their health care system. “