The postponement of endometriosis surgery ‘created irrevocable harm.’

The postponement of endometriosis surgery 'created irrevocable harm.'

An endometriosis patient claims that a three-year wait for surgery has harmed her reproductive organs, affecting her capacity to bear children.

Claire Nicholls, 29, has been suffering from the illness for years, which includes tissue identical to the uterine lining developing elsewhere.

Northern Ireland has the longest gynecological waiting lists in the United Kingdom.

It proposes two regional endometriosis treatment centers.

The Department of Health said it couldn’t comment on specific situations, but said specialized centers would necessitate expenditure.

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists discovered 36,900 women on a gynecology waiting list in Northern Ireland, a 42% rise since the epidemic began.

Women should be seen much more quickly.

Regional centers would bring experts together under one roof, addressing hospital wait lines.

‘In my thoughts

Ms. Nicholls claimed she was transferred from “pillar to post,” and that for ten years, medical experts didn’t seem to believe how much misery she was in.

She has endometriosis stage four, which is the most severe and extensive.

The agony is sometimes intense, and I’ve had to go to the emergency room.

Her surgeon stated that because of the damaged tissue caused by the delay in surgery, he was unable to examine several of her organs when she chose to go private.

They couldn’t remove all the scarred tissue and adhesions because it may have injured other organs, including my bladder – it was simply too bad.

One of her fallopian tubes is irrevocably damaged, which will have a “major impact” on her capacity to bear children.

Ms. Nicholls is outraged and wounded, and she knows many other women who are in a similar situation because they were not listened to.

I was informed that the agony was in my brain and that it was typical to have this much pain virtually every day, not just during my period.

Surgical waiting lists for endometriosis.

323 women are waiting for endometriosis surgery.

  • Western Trust: 28 patients are awaiting surgery, with the longest delay being three years.
  • Southern Trust: 37 patients, with the most extended wait being roughly three years.
  • Belfast Trust: 167 patients, with the most extended wait being four years.
  • Northern Trust: 91 patients, with the most extended wait being more than three and a half years.
  • South Eastern Trust: 88 patients.

Ms. Nicholls is undergoing hormone replacement therapy to relieve her discomfort and safeguard her reproductive functions.

This suggests she is in early menopause.