Andlauer Healthcare Buys Rest of Skelton USA, Adds Boyle Transportation

Andlauer Healthcare Group (AHG) has announced that it buys the remaining 51% of Skelton USA, as well as 100% of Boyle’s travel to the US.

Boyle’s car is worth about $ 80 million in cash and stock options. The fleet, which recently won the Best Boat to Drive in Competition award from the Truckload Carriers Association, offers a unique transportation service in the life sciences industry, earning about 75% of its revenue. The rest comes from agreements between the government and the security sector.

The healthcare company bought 49% of the company, as well as all Canadian services, in March.

AHG President Michael Andlauer said: “We are delighted to welcome members of the Boyle Transport team to Andlauer Healthcare Group.” “Boyle is a leader in the science of climate change and brings security support as well as a strong presence in the security sector. Our remaining presence in Skelton USA Together with Boyle Transportation is promoting the expansion of our plans into the US healthcare market. Everyone at Boyle and Skelton USA has a strong commitment to customer service focused on how to get there. , which is a principle of Andlauer Healthcare Group. “

Andrew Boyle and Marc Boyle, executives at Boyle Transportation, added: “We are delighted to join the Andlauer team.” As part of this highly respected AHG platform, we will be able to offer a lot to our valued customers. We are confident that this strategic plan will allow Boyle Transportation to continue to be a leading provider and provider of options for passengers and logistics workers in the US. ”