Best Buy to Acquire Current Health to Advance Tech-Focused Patient Care

Best Buy has agreed to buy current home health technology startup technology, according to the newspaper.

With the acquisition, the electronics retailer will now have three healthcare facilities, CNBC reported.

Healthcare is now an expert in integrating remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and patient engagement on a single platform, according to the statement. Internal integration enables healthcare providers to provide patients with a single solution to manage all care at home.

Using its own wearable device, the company discloses patient information as well as biosensor data, according to the statement. The result is immediate data on the patient’s condition that healthcare providers can use to guide their decision.

In 2019, the consumer electronics chains were acquired by Telehealth Critical Signal Technologies.

Home health care is a rapidly growing system that is becoming an integral part of the healthcare system because it often provides patients with a better quality of life and reduced costs, according to the statement.

 “Over the next decade, more home health care could be provided,” current health president Christopher McCann said in a statement. Best Buy has unmatched physical reach, fast delivery from global brands, and reliable support services, enabling us to deliver an experience of more immersive customers.