Certilytics, Inc. Releases New AI Model to Predict Social Determinants of Health Risk and Improve Population Health

Certilytics, Inc. today announced the launch of an AI-based model that predicts a patient’s social determinants (SDOH) health risk, enabling the engagement of teams and individuals to improve access to health as well as its results, cost, and performance.

The Certilytics Patient SDOH (PSI) Index is designed to help healthcare planners, employers and healthcare systems help understand the depths of team behavior and develop new strategies, programs, and partnerships to overcome barriers to public health issues such as lack of travel opportunities nutrition and health care are not emergencies.

Not only does the model predict individual risk factors for SDOH, but it also uses deep learning to create a patient “person” who identifies the most common driving factors to support an autonomous plan.

Kevin Prybol, Certilytics ’Senior said,“ By recognizing the threats posed by SDOH, health plans, employers and healthcare systems can achieve better goals such as promoting health equity, to promote team affiliation, promote health and public interest, as well as reduce costs President of the Science Foundation.

The SDOH model is part of a library of AI-powered forecasting models that enables Certilytics customers to calculate risk, measure opportunities, take action, and measure results.

About Certilytics, Inc.

Certilytics is a data leader and predictive analyst transforming the nation’s largest healthcare industry. Certilytics solutions help clients thrive in a beneficial health care environment by identifying opportunities, motivating factors, improving patient outcomes, and reducing financial incentives.