FINVASIA acquires Gini Health, a healthcare technology company, and expands to healthcare services

FINVASIA today announced its investment in Guinea Health, a Canadian health care technology company that is pioneering DNA and life-based data based on personal health to prevent disease. This acquisition promotes FINVASIA’s business objectives of investing in and transforming traditional business. This team supports FINVASIA’s commitment to healthcare to bring the latest technology and healthcare services tailored as well as preventive measures. Immediately all the original investors left, making FINVASIA and Guinea Health Founder and CEO Gurjot Narwal the top executives in the industry. FINVASIA’s reorganization is a step toward streamlining the company’s operations, allowing them to support its business plans.

Guinea Health Founder and CEO Gurjot Narwal will continue to lead the company. Finvasia will also provide funding for team building, operational experience, technology, infrastructure, as well as scope as a multidisciplinary, international conference.

Time to health is a key issue for all of us. This investment fulfills FINVASIA’s commitment to transform access to medical care”.

It has been a tremendous year and a half for FINVASIA, as well as its solid investment in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, fintech, and healthcare. Given the global interest in health care services after COVID, Guinea Health has become one of the most important investment components for the organization.

“The healthcare industry making significant changes in Guinea Health is leading this way in its use of health data and technology to enable users to access healthcare,” said Gurjot Narwal, CEO and founder of Guinea Health said. “FINVASIA is a thriving congregation that offers innovative technology and transforms businesses. The association with FINVASIA brings together two interested and innovative companies to drive change in health care globally”, he added, along with growth and innovation.


Finvasia is a global company with a wide range of products and services, fintech, blockchain, real estate, and health and technology. The team invests in technology-based products and products and strives to promote sustainable development as well as create a positive impact on your business. Finvasia, along with the concerns of her assistants and sisters, is still enrolled in governing bodies around the world in various projects.

About Guinea Health

Gini Health is a Canadian healthcare technology company serving clients in North America and Europe. Guinea Health has won several awards and recognitions for its personalized health care system and preventive health care. Global VCs like TechStars, Rangle, Uken, and others supported Guinea. It has grown into a digital healthcare company with the beginnings of its first chronic healthcare program.