InterGen Data announces new customer: Spectrum Healthcare Solutions

InterGen Data Inc. Spectrum will use InterGen Data’s forecasting data to determine when their patients might be chronically ill, what they might be, and how much money to spend.

“We are excited about this partnership because we will be bringing the market first, positive feedback that will help our staff educate people about the dangers of disease and the restrictions that may affect needs. They are for our job “said Stan Thomas, president of Spectrum Health Solutions. Nobody is well prepared, but these data will help us educate our patients,” said Thomas.

By 2030, the CDC estimates that one million baby boomers will be over 65 years old. This means that there is going to be a huge problem with the necessity and cost of disease. This “tsunami silver” will not only revolutionize the health system forever, but it will also have a major impact on how the economy is run.

InterGen founder and CEO Robert Kirk

Put simply, there aren’t enough nurses, with or without experience, to handle the number of people who need any type of health care, ”said Stan Thomas, not well prepared, but with the help of the InterGen forecast, we think we’re in will be able to help those who may need more health care, “said Thomas.

• The American Healthcare Association (ACHA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) have 28,900 emergency communities with nearly one million licensed beds in the United States.

• The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a non-profit organization focused on national health issues, estimates that there are 15,327 registered care facilities with approximately 1.7 million approved care facilities.

• The American Colleges of Nursing (AACN) says a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) is expected in the US, which is expected to worsen as baby boomers grow and the need for health care grows.

• The Nurse Paper reports that Bureaucracy for Work and Registration (BLS) data shows Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, and New York City have the lowest number of nurses in the area.

About InterGen Data, Inc.

InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen Data) was founded in December 2017 by financial services company Robert J. Kirk. Data InterGen is a virtual data analyst that uses a predictive modeling system that recognizes the patent-pending algorithm. When a person has major life events, the event can be as well as the great economic impact it will have on their financial journey. You pass this data on to banks, financial service providers, and insurance companies.

About Spectrum Health Solutions

Spectrum Health Solutions was founded in 2017 primarily to serve the homeless patient market. Varieties help patients from 18 years of age to death. Spectrum now serves patients in the Texas and Oklahoma markets and plans to expand into Florida, Illinois, and California shortly. It’s a healthcare company that treats patients at home and uses technology to improve care at the facility level.