KORE and Myia Health are joining forces to enable remote care at home for chronically ill patients

The world’s leading leader in IoT Internet services and its response announced today that it has partnered with home care delivery company Myia Health to provide software and IoT services to a large hospital to ensure the functionality of IoT devices identify and refer treated patients to their place of residence.

“Good patient care and long-term care have become a success.” President KORE Romil Bahl

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation in all industries, especially in the healthcare sector. KORE CEO Romil Bahl said: “The combined healthcare industry has seen an 18-year record of IoT deployment within 18 months of an infectious disease.” “This competition is not slowing down. Virtual patient care and long-term patient care have become an ongoing process in part because the Internet of Things is aging, we can take the IoT service to help us individually in the supermarket.”

Using advanced data analysis, the Myia platform combines clinical practice with patient outcomes and identifies patients with a high need for high-quality contact therapy. When a patient is diagnosed as weak in the population or after discharge from the hospital, KORE and Myia work together to manage equipment logistics and provide Myia with software and software solutions that enable healthcare providers to manage patient health progressively and proactively habitat.

However, hospitals often have a major logistics problem as they seek to develop effective care / planned hospital plans. A well-managed care experience is possible thanks to the development of ready-made medical studies and the excellent range and reliability of the integration required by these devices. Take, for example, a hospital in the Midwestern United States, which adds 5,000 outpatients each year, and each patient has an average of three medical check-ups.

Prior to the delivery of KORE, this hospital will also handle the implementation and logistics for 15,000 devices in the field. The hospital quickly realized that it made sense to delegate these tasks to others in control of the design, operation, use, and delivery of the equipment. Bahl said: “Hospitals choose to meet their needs and focus on providing care, not the details that the heart scanner has arrived at the patient’s home, and it works inside the box. Includes integration with security systems.”

“With its advanced research and machine learning technology, Myia provides the hospital systems needed for the digital infrastructure to operate, streamlining and delivering high-tech law firm patient outcomes, hospital performance, and finances. Thousands of patients can diagnose and manage prevention soon,” said Simon Macnab, CEO, and founder of Myia. “KORE has an important role to play in the success of these operations, as it also handles all functions and equipment to ensure that the right patient is delivered at the right time.”

For example, from a chronically ill patient, KORE putty and logistics devices are necessary to ensure that the telephone sensor and tablet associated with the phone arrive at the patient’s home with the appropriate software and configuration. KORE combines sensors that maintain important health statistics such as high blood pressure and oxygen levels, as well as patient temperature and weight. The KORE test finds a seamless experience in a critical box in the patient’s recovery process.

“The result is that we help keep people healthy after a big event so they don’t have to go back to the hospital and manage and be as healthy as possible. Reduce costs. Healthcare and its delivery,” MacGibbon said.

Once hospitals adopt new health care regulations, they will no longer be liable. Hospitals now have a huge range of products based on the premises of their business that they have never seen before. Artificial intelligence, technology, and unique management services help hospitals make their vision of virtual care as realistic as possible while ensuring that the imaging process is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

About KORE

KORE is a pioneer, leader, and trusted consultant providing essential IoT services and services. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of IoT, global coverage, objective responses, and shipping conditions accelerate and impact our clients ’business results.

About My Health

Myia is a seamless mobile platform that continually promotes patient outcomes, hospital performance, and the economy of care delivery across hospitals and at home. Our platform will reflect the future transformation of the country’s newest healthcare organizations as they move in value.