Modivcare Announces Acquisition of Guardian Medical Monitoring

Modivcare Inc. The medical company, which provides technology that provides a platform for integrated support solutions to improve patient outcomes, announced that the remote patient monitoring segment has acquired Guardian Alarm from its parent company, Guardian Medical Monitoring, LLC.

Guardian Medical Monitoring is a leading provider of remote monitoring of patient solutions to managed care organizations and international Medicaid payers, including personal emergency systems and drug management. GMM’s RPM platform currently focuses on approximately 50,000 elderly and chronically ill patients representing payers.

Remote patient monitoring is essential to Modivcare’s mission to connect patients to care through our integrated supportive care platform. Our comprehensive remote patient monitoring offering allows patients to safely age in their homes with technology-enabled connectivity to care which increases patient engagement and reduces costs. We are excited to accelerate the growth of Modivcare’s RPM Segment with the acquisition of GMM, and we are excited to welcome the GMM team to Modivcare.”

                                    Daniel E. Greenleaf, Modivcare’s President, and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Anderson, Director of Modivcare House, added: “Guardian Medical Monitoring is an extension of Modivcare’s RPM segment that strengthens our customer relationships and expands our footprint in key areas. Modivcare’s E3 is a platform that enables our peers to reduce or eliminate barriers and good practices maintaining health outcomes through members’ activities, education, and empowerment through our platform.

About Modivcare

Modivcare Inc. The technology-enabled healthcare company provides a platform for integrated response management solutions for public and private payers and their patients. Our key solutions address social responsibility (SDoH), which provides better access to care, reduces costs, and improves outcomes. We are a leading provider of remote management of non-emergency care, personal care, and patient care.