OPUM AI platform to optimize knee care for patients with healthy habits

Medical teams and AI OPUM have partnered with Habit Health, New Zealand’s most integrated health care, fitness, and exercise, to improve patient outcomes. Health Habit will use OPUM’s expertise to support and promote decision-making in the hospital while delivering cost-effective performance during patient care trips. OPUM’s partnership with Habit Health provides a comprehensive OPUM LabTM AI prognostic model to guide injury recovery and progress through care. AI algorithms, based on ten years of research, help improve management strategies to achieve the best results. Using clinical diagnostic tools, OPUM LabTM predicts patient complexity at initial visits, assesses treatment needs, and identifies patients who will benefit from surgery. The algorithm provides team members with additional clinical thinking to support the team’s analysis.

“Understanding this world-leading technology will help us drive change and self-care, as well as better serve people in their communities to improve their health and quality of life,” said Mark Shirley, Director of Innovation Hospital Executive and Habit. Health.

“With access to ubiquitous online health information, patients now expect their caregivers to deliver more benefits, for example by providing personalized care and a better care experience. With the rapid growth of emerging healthcare technologies, insurance companies need more evidence from service providers to show that their contributions are accurate and effective. “

OPUM enables providers to deliver unmatched and personalized physical care to affect the lives of patients around the world. Professor Andrew McDaid adds; “This relationship is a key element in our vision to be the largest and most trusted physical knowledge base in the world.”

Emergency Response Center (ACC), New Zealand’s only emergency compensation plan, has developed Escalated Care Pathways (ECP) with Habit Health and other care providers, seeking to improve access and equity and improve outcomes, followed by injuries back, knee, and shoulder.

“The method of care provides a well-designed way of providing the most integrated caregiver journey. They are designed to foster innovation in travel management. We look forward to seeing the impact and patient outcomes in making informed decisions based on the evidence that this partnership between OPUM and Habit Health wants to achieve,” said ACC’s Fraser Wilkins.

About OPUM:

OPUM enables patients, service providers, and funders to overcome physical health challenges by identifying functional insights that lead to better decision-making. OPUM’s AI framework ensures the best possible care. OPUM is a healthcare company and artificial intelligence company that established a ten-year base of global medical device research at the University of Auckland. The Digital Knee® product line was launched in the US in September 2020 and is available through major physicians.

About Habit Health:

Habit Health is the most integrated health, exercise, and exercise physiotherapy. Numerous unique health, wellness, and personal services, as well as national brands, allow Habit Health to promote the health and well-being of kiwis at home, at work, or in one of more than 100 locations. Habit Health supports people in your community to promote health and a better quality of life.