Pandemic Profits: Top US Health Insurers Make Billions in Q2

Health care companies see a decline after record profits last year – but where is control of such large sums?

Five of America’s largest healthcare providers reported earnings of more than $ 11 billion in the second quarter of the fall.

Last year’s profit surge was due to people in the United States seeking less health care for fear of Covid-19 while continuing to pay for health insurance. Companies have warned that begging can affect their bottom line, but drug use has not returned to normal levels.

Insurance analysts faced the past year after denouncing such huge profits – in some cases doubling their profits last year – as huge.

The Board of Trustees and the Commission launched an investigation into insurers last August, but the results were not made public.

In a November article for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Dr. Joshua Sharfstein and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and others are reallocating part of the airway to other parts of the health system, such as the public has a problem the medical department cannot contact Trace.

American bailout plans and other government funding plans have helped fill some of the gaps in public health funding, but Sharfstein, vice president of the School of Public Health and Public Health practices and community involvement, said it would have been better to get some insurance coverage back. Benefits of promoting these schemes rather than using taxpayers’ money.

This article is also intended for the Governing Body to better understand how the money is being spent, but there is little to do other than review in the congregation.

At the same time, Americans were hit hard by the financial crisis caused by the recession.

In a survey conducted between March and June, 36% of adults with health insurance said they had problems with health insurance or drug bills, according to a survey published last month by the Commonwealth Fund. People with Covid-19 who lost or lost their employer’s insurance coverage have higher drug bills and debt problems than those who are not affected by these problems.

Consumers will see some of the profits they made over the past year. Under the Consumer Protection Act, there is a limited amount of money that insurers spend on profits and expenses. Customers who exceed the limit will be charged a refund. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) estimated in April that insurance companies will raise around $ 2.1 billion this year.

There is still confusion among healthcare professionals about what could come this year, particularly in the shape of Delta’s surge in the US. But with the financial reports received in the second quarter, they showed little evidence that this was affecting their bottom line.

UnitedHealth Group reported $ 4.37 billion in earnings and raised its earnings expectations after increasing earnings and earnings expectations.

Humana, which offers insurance for older adults, saw its price drop dramatically compared to the same period last year – 68.7% to $ 588 million. Officials acknowledged the uncertainty of infectious diseases but hoped 2022 would be a better year.

The results reflect a comprehensive review of the KFF’s health insurance record, which found that many insurers expect health insurance to return to pre-epidemic levels and stop investing more money in the coming fiscal year or paying the expensive all. Months for health. The Georgetown University Center for Health Insurance Rehabilitation (CHIR) also reviewed previous records and found that many insurance companies view this pandemic as a “one-time event with limited, if any, limited impact and value to 2022 hectares.”

United, Anthem, and Humana released their results in July, but insurance companies that shared their profits this week saw their product prices fall after the results were released amid public concerns about the Delta model.

This is in part because one company, CVS Health, announced plans to raise salaries for its 9,900 employees and companies. The healthcare giant said Tuesday a profit of $ 2.78 billion

Cigna beat expectations at $ 1.47 billion, but the stock fell after the company announced funding for health services and began to rebound.