Pyramid Healthcare optimizes the delivery of mental health services via the cloud with iland IaaS

iland, a VMware-based cloud provider for application recovery, databases, and disaster recovery services delivered on the iland secure cloud platform, today announced that Pyramid Healthcare uses the iland secure cloud to help provide information for critical management, give it a try provides advanced treatment for adults and adolescents suffering from addictions and mental health problems.

Pyramid Health provides care and rehabilitation to more than 11,000 patients in seven states, including Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, and Georgia with the support of more than 2,400 staff. Three years ago, the company began looking for cloud solutions for its members in the medical record (EMR) database to provide business intelligence (BI).

Pyramid Healthcare CIO Lawrence Bilker said the company is closing the gap for internal data center infrastructure, as well as requiring a cloud that is flexible, affordable, and essential for performance and capacity. After exploring many options, Bilker and his team chose iland’s Hosted Private Cloud, which combines state-of-the-art secure public cloud technology with dedicated software to deliver unmatched performance and security. Since then, Pyramid Health has been working in the cloud with no problems.

“We have been working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ever since, which helps us make quick decisions and run our business more efficiently. With the land, we can make a difference. The practice is rapidly changing business conditions and adding efficiency and power, which we can easily monitor on landfill machines. “

Secure Cloud iland is designed to remove customer trust by solving common cloud computing challenges and providing everything customers need to meet even the most complex applications. For example, the Secure Cloud Console, an integrated win-win management solution, enables Pyramid Health to have complete control and deep understanding within its cloud infrastructure.

New features like Cloud Secure and Cloud Console help eliminate work and threats when moving critical applications and loads to the cloud. It also simplifies the deployment of infrastructure and technologies such as DRaaS and BaaS and analyzes and operates a single glassware environment that meets and exceeds required standards such as HIPAA. “

Irish President and Founder Brian Ussher

Drawing on his experience with landing safely in the cloud, Bilker said Pyramid Health is reviewing historical DRaaS to help protect data and business performance in the event of a cybercrime disaster and the visualization and management provided in addition to storage in the Cloud.

About iland

iland is a global cloud service provider with Access Infrastructure (IaaS), Disaster Recovery (DRaaS), and Backup as a Service (BaaS). Industry experts identify them as leaders in disaster recovery. Iland Secure Cloud Console offers an award that combines deep security, predictive analytics, and compliance to provide unmatched visibility and ease of management for all iland cloud services.