RLDatix completes acquisition of Allocate software

RLDatix, a global leader in Risk, Risk and Acceptance Management (GRC) solutions for healthcare, today announced the completion of the acquisition of UK-based Allocate Software (“Allocate”), a leading solution for human resource management that helps medical teams comply good care and effectiveness. This import was announced on June 28, 2021.

At the end of this acquisition, RLDatix announced its position as an innovator in healthcare GRC, integrating its industry-leading patient safety, acceptance, risk, and user management capabilities with Allocate’s employee management solutions. It also extends Applied Safety intelligence, the company’s strategy to transform healthcare through prevention and risk management.

We are excited to make Assign available and begin the next chapter of our exciting journey. Covid-19 reminds us that patients, caregivers, and organizational safety are closely linked, as fatigue, caregiver well-being, and overall stability are a challenge that worries healthcare professionals around the world. By acquiring Allocate, RLDatix is well-positioned to continue to provide new, scalable and relevant solutions that integrate GRC health and user management. In combination, we will make health care safer.

We always understand the connection between patient safety, staff well-being, and technology users and we are excited to join RLDatix. As we seek ever-increasing care and the continuing shortage of hospitals facing our healthcare system, we hope it will positively affect both staff well-being and patient outcome. We will be able to ensure that the team is organized, supported, and truly supported for the safety and well-being of patients.

“The combination of RLDatix and Allocate creates a remarkable global organization that is ready to advance innovation and healthcare for years to come,” said Vivek Kumar, Partner at Five Arrows Principal Investments. “We look forward to supporting Jeff and his team in this exciting part of the company’s growth.” Reid Perper, CIO, Five Arrows Capital Partners added, “RLDatix and Allocate are part of some of the largest healthcare companies in the world.” “This combination is still uniquely designed to deliver continued growth and open up exciting new opportunities that will benefit consumers around the world.”

“It is a pleasure to work with RLDatix for the past three years to grow the business through organic and sustainable growth, helping to strengthen its position as a global leader in GRC,” said Naveen Wadhera, CEO of TA. Ethan Liebermann, Managing Director of TA.

Every month 1.2 million workers use the Allocate system to manage their work lives, more than 1.4 million employees receive more than eight million hours of nursing care that are adjusted for safety-related purposes. Around the world, RLDatix software protects millions of people as they navigate the healthcare system, in addition to turning teams into greater confidence, configuring industry-leading solutions that deliver data and analytics that inspire understanding and work with all your promotions.

Together, RLDatix and Allocate will be able to support strategic planning in human capital, healthcare, and patient management, as well as other critical healthcare services to drive the best care for all.

About RLDatix

RLDatix is designed to change health. We help organizations drive safe driving, work more efficiently by providing control, threat, and acceptance tools that promote advocacy and safety as a whole. Our cloud-based software platform enables organizations to report negligence, reduce patient infections, and ensure that patient safety education is implemented at all levels of care. With more than 5,000 clients in more than 20 countries, RLDatix software protects hundreds of millions of patients around the world. RLDatix is controlled by Arrow Five and TA Associates as owners.

About Allocate Software

Allocate Software is a global provider of capital management solutions for capital, supporting the operational and organizational needs of the health, care, security, and business sectors.

In health and care, Allocate ensures safe delivery at the best possible price by helping team members get it right and in the right place at the right time. With more than 800 customers and more than two million employees roaming daily, Allocate serves the world’s largest public and private company. Allocate Software is headquartered in the UK and employs nearly 700 employees, including over 200 in product research, development, and management services. It provides services and support to its international clients through regional companies in the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Australia.

About Five Arrows

Five major financial institutions (FAPI) and five FACP partners, valued at “five assets”, are part of Rothschild & Co merchant banking, which also manages more than € 17 billion. ‘Invest in companies during a market and market conditions that can be defended; strong administrative staff; business model with high visibility of organic unit volume growth and strong free currency conversion; as well as various active levers that can be used to unlock hidden benefits. The department specializes in data and software, business service support technology, and healthcare.