Smartlink Health has been selected as an integration partner for Medpod’s telemedicine solution

Medpod, Inc. announced today he uses Smartlink Health Solutions to integrate Medpod’s telemedicine system with his client’s electronic data center (EHR) system. Since switching from Smartlink, Medpod’s EHR has been redesigned in four weeks, more than five times faster than other affiliate providers in the past.

Henry Schein Medical, a medical firm owned by Henry Schein, Inc., is the sole distributor of Medpod, Inc.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CMS) and many insurance companies are expanding their telemedicine options due to the COVID-19 infection. Because of this, the use of telemedicine exploded in 2020. EHR integration has become a major success as the planning of patient times and hospital information should be shared between the two systems. After working with a number of well-known retailers, Medpod decided to start using Smartlink as a replacement for its provider in the fall of 2020.

Smartlink Connection Connection (SDC) is a platform integration as a service that also manages a user interface (UI) that enables seamless data exchange. It works in any operating environment (SaaS, hosted, working) and can provide or extract any type of data including program, document, image, video, special data available as key markers, and information. A merger with the SDC, which normally lasts six to nine months, can be completed within a few weeks, with the exception of EHR providers.

Siu Tong, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Smartlink Health Solutions, said, “We are proud to be part of the important work Henry Schein and Medpod are doing to help their customers through this crisis.” “We have invested a lot of time and effort into streamlining the implementation and planning process that integrates our new technology. I am pleased that this effort is paying off for our customers.”

About Medpod Inc.

The company’s 360-degree delivery system to transform healthcare through the use of advanced technology to support care at all complex levels and in all care settings from large and subacute to in-house outpatient.

Medford products, goods, and services are owned by Henry Schein, Inc., a Fortune 500 company sold worldwide.

 About Smartlink Health Solutions

Smartlink Health Solutions is a healthcare IT developer focused on helping teams solve two of their greatest challenges – moving from immediate care to ongoing care and wanting to share data is no problem. The Smartlink Platform-as-a-Service platform enables fast, seamless integration between IT health and other systems through user management.