SoftServe Launches Human360 ° DataMask Healthcare Solution on Google Cloud Marketplace

SoftServe, leading digital rights and consulting firm, announces the availability of Human360 ° DataMask Healthcare in the Google Cloud Marketplace. DataMask removes patient data by identifying and encrypting protected health information (PHI) and personal information (PII) as well as maintaining the confidentiality of the original data processing. This solution makes it possible to use big data collected in the medical environment for diagnosis, testing, data exchange, and more, all protecting patient privacy.

“Maintaining the confidentiality of patient health data in accordance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations when sharing data between and within the laboratory is critical to the success of clinical trials and clinical trials. SoftServe’s Human360 ° DataMask solution contains more than 30 masking algorithms that provide real-time flexibility for the impact of PHI / PII data and keep the state in the processing of data, making data anonymity suitable for use in the development of the environment. “

Recently, the company helped organize work for the 3,000 companies of the Google Cloud Fortune 500 dialysis company in Spanner and provided the necessary health care for the healthcare provider through a partnership with Looker, a Google Cloud company. As the first cloud, bringing Google’s Hybrid Anthos and Apigee solutions and customer solutions, SoftServe continues to help its customers experience a better experience and better results.

About SoftServe

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