TRC Healthcare expands its portfolio with the acquisition of QURE Healthcare

QURE’s provider-centric solutions drive better patient outcomes and lower costs for healthcare systems and coverage and reimbursement for life sciences customers. The acquisition of TRC paves the way for QURE to expand its innovative Clinical Performance and Value (CPV®) patient simulation software solutions.

“Through the acquisition, TRC Healthcare intends to augment its already robust product line with a focus on improving patient outcomes through evidence-based training, education and continuing education/continuing medical education for physicians and other providers said TRC Healthcare CEO Wes Crews.

TRC Healthcare sees QURE as another key addition to its recent acquisition of NetCE, an industry-leading continuing education platform that trains nurses, physicians, and mental health professionals. Together, QURE and NetCE strengthen the evidence-based healthcare solutions offered by TRC.

Dr. Peabody will continue to serve as President of QURE and will assume the additional role of Medical Director at TRC Healthcare. Dr. Peabody is a recognized international health figure in the area of clinical care quality and a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In 2012, John launched QURE Healthcare. The QURE platform, CPV® Vignettes, has become a widely adopted standard for measuring clinical practice. QURE CPVs are used by organizations seeking to engage their providers in efforts to reduce clinical variation, including large health care systems, independent practice associations, public and private payers, governments, non-governmental associations, and intergovernmental organizations. Dr. Peabody has contributed more than 200 articles, books, and abstracts to the peer-reviewed literature, served on blue-ribbon committees, testified before Congress, and advised heads of state on a wide variety of topics including quality improvement and economic benefits of standardization practice in health systems.

TRC Healthcare (TRC) is a leading source of lifelong learning solutions for healthcare professionals. TRC is best known for its education and continuing education offerings in the prestigious Pharmacist’s Charter, Prescriber’s Charter, and Pharmacy Technician’s Charter. TRC also offers Pharmacy Technician University, the leading online training program for pharmacy technicians.

With the acquisition of CriticalPoint, NetCE, and Bula, TRC Healthcare has expanded its offering. CriticalPoint increases patient safety with a variety of drug compound offerings focused on USP 797, 800, and 795. NetCE is an industry-leading continuing education platform supporting multiple professions, including nursing, medical, and mental health. These additions provide TRC Healthcare with the largest catalog of continuing education and consulting services in the industry, with thousands of courses approved by healthcare professionals to provide accredited training that meets licensing and continuing education requirements.