Vizient recognizes members for savings in the supply chain

Vizient, Inc. announces the awareness of 294 healthcare team members for demonstrating excellence in reducing supply costs. Through the Impact Process Program, these hospitals design their purchasing process in the form of customized products, receive rebates, and in many cases receive lower prices from manufacturers.

Since the launch of the Impact program in 1996, Vizient has donated more than $ 2.36 billion to its management company. One hundred percent of these reimbursements come from importers who go to the next hospital. In 2020 alone, participants received $ 187 million in full reimbursement.

Ashur Novick, managing director of operations for the program, said: “Vizient members participate in our Impact Planning Program getting even more money through the program’s enhanced marketing strategy that makes it easier.” “This reward is important: continuous refunds, reduced product changes, and the best price for the team. There is no reason not to participate.”

Vizient identified the results of the participants in the Torture Management Program in three ways:

• Boss Protection: A minimum of $ 250,000 has been earned through the Impact program

• Leader included: participate in reimbursements received from all Thirteen Impact programs

• Recognize participation: participate in 12 non-diet eating habits and use a food and nutrition service agreement.

Melanie Stone, COO, and Value Proposition for Wellstar Health System said: “Standard manufacturing programs promote contract and business delivery.” “With a diverse portfolio of products and vendors offering a wide range of options, this program has helped us save money and increase efficiency in managing our products over the years. Participation in Vizient through this program has also led to the use of flags. “

Gary Rakes, Aspirus vice president, and the chief operating officer said: “Aspirus has been involved in standard manufacturing programs for many years because we see supply performance and results in every year.” “In addition to saving money, we also deal with retailers with fewer product codes and get another refund. I am proud of my team and once again happy to be known for Aspirus storage supplies. “

About Vizient, Inc.

Vizient, Inc. provides solutions and services that enhance cost-effective care delivery by optimizing cost, quality, and market efficiency for more than 50% of the leading community care providers, including 97% of the community of medical schools, among others more than 20% of healthcare providers. Vizient provides expertise, research, and consulting services, as well as a contract portfolio representing more than $ 110 billion in annual purchases, to improve patient outcomes at low cost. In 2021, Vizient acquired Intalere, which expanded its reach to local healthcare providers. Vizient has earned the title of the world’s largest annual Ethisphere Institute since its inception.