Walmart and Health at Scale Launch Customized Provider Recommendations for Plan Participants

Health at Scale today announced a partnership with Walmart to provide personalized provider recommendations to Walmart employees and their families working in areas where Health at Scale is offered and enrolled in the company’s health plan. The technology is integrated into Walmart’s health plan manager’s search engine and virtual care recommendations for employees in select locations, making it easier for plan participants to find providers that fit their unique health needs and care history. With this initiative, Walmart and Health at Scale are currently focusing on the needs of each individual and leveraging industry-leading machine intelligence to create a more personalized healthcare experience that identifies providers who have successfully treated patients with similar characteristics and treatment needs will build

“Finding the right health care provider is one of the most important health decisions a patient makes. What we really need to optimize is patient and provider alignment. We are delighted to provide a smart, hyper-personalized provider match that promotes health and benefits innovation for employers and reflects a deep understanding and respect for individual health needs for Walmart employees and their families in specific locations.”

Health at Scale’s Precision Navigation goes beyond non-personalized process-based star ratings, reputation rankings, and volume-based metrics, using industry-leading AI and machine learning to model the transformation of provider outcomes for thousands of health factors. The service covers 25 different specialties and 34 procedures and images.

Lisa Woods said, “Personalizing services and care to individual needs is a next-generation pioneer in healthcare, helping colleagues and family members find great doctors in their communities who continue to provide the highest value and quality care,” said Lisa Woods. “It’s a major part of Walmart’s promise to help.” Vice President and Walmart US Benefits.

About Health at Scale 

Health at Scale is a medical machine intelligence company that uses proprietary advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect individuals managed by insurers, employers, and providers in real-time, when they are most needed, and next best. Whether it is an ideal treatment option, early intervention, or an appropriate provider. Founded by machine learning and clinical faculty from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Michigan, the company’s mission is to provide precision delivery to the healthcare sector, learning from the thousands of health variables in the lives of more than 100 million people to create personalized, accurate insights is to create individual patients. Health at Scale’s machine intelligence is deployed at scale in real production environments. It includes some of the largest healthcare institutions in the United States, providing customers with better health outcomes and affordability. The company’s software solutions serve a wide range of use cases, such as provider discovery and network design, early target prediction and adverse event prevention, and optimized treatment planning. Prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse.