5 ways to instantly look more confident

Today I am going to teach you how to show courage.

Why? Because courage is one of the most important tasks you can accomplish in life (besides learning to use power, obviously).

I know it’s important that at least a small amount of confidence can be in the situation daily, but it also keeps you and your boss in conversations about raising money, buying a car, putting on a show, or meeting your parents.

We positively attract our attention and are trusted by those who are most confident (or seem to be).

So today, we’re going to discuss five things you can do to start seeing a difference in your self-confidence right away.

Before we begin, I should point out that the majority of our coaching clients report “increased confidence” as a result of the program. Which makes sense, because after changing your diet, losing some weight, and learning how to lift your ring, you begin to understand what you can actually do. Which is a lot of confidence!

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Stop slouching

If you can develop good posture, a habit that tends to go beyond nerds, you will show 145% more confidence in seconds (I finished the figure, anyway).

I’ve been in a terrible situation my whole life (which has caused me a bit of back pain). It wasn’t until I made a firm decision to focus on getting to my feet and strengthening my ground that the pain stopped.

Try to stand on your heels, glutes, and head against the wall, then pull your shoulders back until they touch the wall as well. Do this every day and spread it out each time.

If you’re sitting in a chair all day, try this: Sit in your chair and STILL stand in the chair having to move forward. If you have to lean forward even a little bit, you’re doing it wrong.

Sit up straight, as you are always ready to stand without leaning forward. He’s probably as tired as hell and sitting like that because he’s not used in a new position, working on it.


He was afraid to speak in public. Obviously, I hate being in front of a small crowd. You never know this anyway, given all the words I’ve said over the years.

Do you know how I did it?

With deep breathing, slow down and do it yourself. I’m still scared, but I’ve learned to control it so well that no one sees it.

What is important to slow down? When you panic, your voice gets louder, and in a few texts, you will speak faster than you think. These are the two deaths that were killed by the “scary cat”

It was a lesson I learned a lot in college when I brought in my old, unfamiliar business.


People don’t smile perfectly these days, so we bring it back. When faced with any less stressful situation or situation, it is easy to get caught in the head, which means that perhaps you have stupidity on your face.

Soon, he will develop the name of “the man who moves in the corner that smells like cheese”. Now if he doesn’t smell like cheese, he’s already halfway home!

We will only work on the other half: smiling.

Be victorious

Unless you work at home in your underwear and interact with your cat (my day is different from that, shut up), maybe you have some conversations with people every day:

• Your companions in cold water

• Woman at the back of the table at CVS

• Your waiter at lunch

• People do not realize that they are walking down the street.

When was the last time you looked at someone until they looked up? If you’re like me, you might be the first “shudder”

Get out of your head

When you experience some physical changes, it will take time for you to change how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside. Sometimes I feel like the end of my life.

Time to quit and move on.

If you feel out of place, maybe around you. We all have our own problems; we are the ones who can be out of our brains and project the approval that often achieves our goals.

His message: Reassure him today

As you follow these five steps, you will start to develop more confidence, which can make some of your problems more successful, which will increase your confidence, which will make your problem MORE successful, etc.

Think of your confidence as a big snowball with a lot of inertia – it’s hard to get started, but as soon as you move fast, it will take longer.